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Our students were selected into The Royal Ballet School’s Spring Intensive🩰

The Royal Ballet School’s Spring Intensive in Hong Kong has begun🌼

Today is the first day of the Royal Ballet School’s Spring Intensive Course. Five of our students participated in the audition of RBS, all of whom were selected into the programme!


🩰Seeto Carmela Tsz Yan

🩰Nam Nam

🩰Tse Tsz Mei Jasmine

🩰Sum Hong Kiu Rene

🩰Kwok Ka Ka

The intensive course by the Royal Ballet School provides precious opportunities for students to further enhance their techniques in different dance genres. We hope that, in these few days, our students could learn from teachers from around the world humbly and be inspired to work hard towards a bright future in ballet💫

Thank you @royalballetschool for the precious opportunity✨

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