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Dance World Cup 2024🏆

Congratulations to our students for their wonderful performance at Dance World Cup - Hong Kong Qualifying Match👏🏻 This year, we had students competing across every individual age group and we are so proud to see all of them trying to give the best performance on stage. It’s always important to challenge ourselves,reflect upon ourselves, learn from each other and keep improving.

Another huge congratulation to our senior elite girls for obtaining a gold award AGAIN🥇and all of them have been qualified to participate in the DWC #FINAL in Prague this year 🎉

Also a big round of applause to our elite student Nam Nam for being placed #1st and getting the #BestFemaleDancerAward 🏆 as well as being qualified for the DWC final. It was her first time competing en pointe at DWC and we are so proud of her achievement🎊

🏆Children Solo Ballet Repertoire with Pointe Shoes - Best Female Dancer🏆

🏆Nam Nam

Gold Award🥇

🥇Nam Nam

🥇Senior Small Group Ballet - Gold Award🥇

🥇Chan Tsz Ching

🥇Chow Yi Nga

🥇Lui Sze Nga

🥇Nam Nam

🥇Pang Ching Ka

🥇Sum Hong Kiu Rene

🥇Tai Yuk Fu Genevieve

🥇Tse Tsz Mei Jasmine

🥇Woo Hei Yan Bernice

🏅 Junior Solo Ballet Repertoire - Top 10 Merit Award🏅(out of 23 competititors)

🏅4th - Tse Tsz Mei Jasmine

🏅6th - Sum Hong Kiu Rene

🏅10th - Woo Hei Yan Bernice

🏅Mini Solo Ballet - Merit Award 🏅

🏅5th - Chan Yu Tung (out of 39 competitors)

🏅Children Solo Ballet Repertoire - Merit Award🏅(out of 40 competitors)

🏅11th - Au Yik Hei

🏅15th - Chan Sze Yu

Once again, congratulations to all the students, you have earned the teachers’ recognition for your effort. Thank you judges for the acknowledgment and @danceworldcup_asia for the opportunities 😊

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