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第二輪「公開精英班甄選」🪄 #歡迎7歲以上外校生參與



第二輪公開精英班甄選日 日期:9月16日 (星期六) 年齡:7歲-成人 時間:15:45-16:45

如學員有興趣加入本校精英班,請填寫下方的Google Form以報名參加甄選:



In order to discover and nurture potential students by offering more professional and comprehensive training, our school is hosting an open audition to select students for the elite programme of the 2023-24 school year. We actively participate in various international and local competitions and have received fabulous results including numerous Gold awards, the Best Female Dancer, the Outstanding Performance award and the Outstanding Ensemble award.

Successful candidates are required to attend elite technique class courses and are eligible to receive extra coaching for variation. Outstanding students will represent the school in various types of solo/duo/ensemble pieces and performances, accumulating valuable stage experience. We hope that students could develop their full potential, surpass themselves and pursue their ballet dreams.

Final Audition for Elite Programme Date: 16 Sep 2023 (Sat) Age:Age 7 to Adult Time: 15:45-16:45

For students who are interested in joining the elite programme, please fill in the Google form below for the registration of the audition:

For more information WhatsApp:61760479

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