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Congratulations 🎉 First great news in the year of the 🐲 at the 6th Hong Kong Youth Children Dance Competition🎊 It was many of our junior students’ first ever solo dance competition and no one went home empty-handed👏🏻

Ballet Solo 7-9 years old

🥇Gold Award - Top 2

🥇Lam Sum Yuet

🥈Silver Award

🥈Seeto Carmela Tsz Yan

🥉Bronze Award

🥉To Yu Ping Hermione

🥉Tong Tsz Kiu

🏅Merit Award

🏅Chiu Adelyn Wan Yin

Ballet Solo 10-12 years old

🥈Silver Award

🥈Lam Tsz Yu

🥈Liu Allison Xinyu Geng

🏅Merit Award

🏅Jarvinia Wong

Ballet Solo 13-15 years old

🥉Bronze Award

🥉Ng Cheuk Yee

We appreciate their courage and their willingness to challenge themselves. Keep working hard and see you all in the next competition!

Thank you judges for the recognition and thank you @asiansaa for the competition opportunity

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