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Huge Congratulations to our senior elite girls for getting another champion🏆 for their dance ‘Spanish Carnival’ at ‘Asia Students Arts Festival 2024‘🎊

All the judges gave 90 marks and above with one of them even giving a high score of 98! The judges also gave positive feedback on stage presentations, techniques, spatial awareness and musicality. Thank you judges for the recognition.

Wishing all the students can keep the passion in ballet and shine even brighter in the future✨

Thank you First Education for hosting the competition

Congratulations to the following students:

🥇Chan Tsz Ching

🥇Koo Tin Wai

🥇Lam Hiu Ching Samantha

🥇Man Sze Man

🥇Nam Nam

🥇Pang Ching Ka

🥇Tse Tsz Mei Jasmine

🥇Woo Hei Yan Bernice

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